Scammed on the internet? Take back your money!

Yes, it happened to us too, this follow up is about the real situation…

Every once in a while you stumble upon a great deal of value, a product you like is on discount, and after deciding to order it, you follow all the usual steps. You use your PayPal account for paying because you know that using a credit card on some suspicious site is not recommendable (seriously, don’t do that). You check all the comments before you order, you make sure you’ve followed the usual path and that you’ve filled all the right boxes. You should receive your order in two to three weeks from ordering, that’s the most common scenario. So now you wait!

Three weeks have passed, you still wait… Four weeks have passed, what’s happening? This is the moment where many customers give up if it’s about a small amount of money. It’s not too much of an effort to compose one mail. So please do not give up too easily. You’re not doing any good to anyone. First, you lose your money, then you make it possible for other people to lose it too, and of course, you make it too easy for scammers, and not to mention, you don’t give your precious feedback for the company that’s doing business properly but somehow made a mistake in your case, that is reparable. Don’t give up.

The first step in this kind of situation is to compose an e-mail to the vendor. You show your unsatisfaction and all the documents. Most of the IT-based vendors have some kind of support that’s ready to kindly help you. However, in our case, this particular organization replied after the first e-mail and told us to wait some more, so we waited. After two months, they still had the same generalized respond that can be summed in one word- wait.

After two months of waiting it was pointless to wait anymore. For all that they know, it could have been a present for a birthday or something else date related. But they obviously did not care. Three emails and all of them were responded in the same way:

Hello! Your order has been shipped and will be delivered as soon as possible! We have been having issues with the tracking numbers and apologize for the inconvenience!

Thank you

The money they took was a small amount, but we were now fighting for customer happiness. 🙂 So we composed forth email in which was written that we want our money back, and we’re not going to wait anymore if they can’t give us any information about where our order is (the state of order) or when it will be received. Conveniently, their response was:

No sorry

After this kind of a response, it’s only right to feel upset. You gave money for some product (in this case it was a present for someone’s birthday) you waited for two months, and they still are not telling you when you will receive what you bought two months before! Also when you ask for a refund they simply say short and clear – No!

Well, don’t bother, your hands are not tied. There is still one more crucial step. Initiate the dispute with PayPal. It takes two minutes to click the “report an issue” button in PayPal and explain the problem, put links from customer-vendor communication, and eventually, you’ll get your money back. In this particular case, the vendor refunded the order in a matter of minutes.

This way you’re not only getting a refund, but you are leaving some sort of a mark about the scam. Ultimately it makes internet commerce safer, and it points out which firms have good customer practice and which don’t. Don’t be shy cause it won’t help anybody. Also, don’t miss to share this kind of experience on social networks because it will help others not to lose time and nerves with scammers.

Cheers! 🙂

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