Support Driven

Nakon što smo imali čast da na WordCamp Europe 2018 uspešno ugostimo najveća imena WordPress-a, najavljeni su nam novi gosti. Support Driven konferencija po prvi put biće organizovana u Evropi, aprila 2019. godine, i to baš u Beogradu! Tom prilikom okupiće se neki od najboljih svetskih stručnjaka u oblasti korisničke podrške kako bi vam preneli svoja znanja, načine rešavanja problema i doprinose razvoju ove oblasti. … Continue reading Support Driven

Scammed on the internet? Take back your money!

Yes, it happened to us too, this follow up is about the real situation… Every once in a while you stumble upon a great deal of value, a product you like is on discount, and after deciding to order it, you follow all the usual steps. You use your PayPal account for paying because you know that using a credit card on some suspicious site … Continue reading Scammed on the internet? Take back your money!

Call for Sponsors!

Having events like Customer Happiness meetups, couldn’t have lasted this long without our sponsors. I’d like to publicly thank all the sponsors who helped us in the past: GoDaddy Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Nordeus Limundo If I left someone out, please let me know so that I can add you to the list! Also, the upcoming meetup on December 20th, will not go without swag! This … Continue reading Call for Sponsors!

Novi učesnik panel diskusije – Miloš Grabić

Došlo je do male izmene po pitanju učesnika predstojeće panel diskusije 20. decembra. Umesto Jovana Šikanje, pridružiće nam se njegov kolega – Miloš Grabić! Miloš poslednje 3 godine vodi tim korisničke podrške u LimundoGradu, kompaniji koja stoji iza Limundo, Kupindo i Oglasindo platformi. U LimundoGradu je stekao 5 godina iskustva u komunikaciji sa korisnicima i naučio mnogo o tome šta sve treba (i nikako ne treba!) da … Continue reading Novi učesnik panel diskusije – Miloš Grabić

Panel diskusija – Karijera u Customer Happiness-u!

Na 6. Customer Happiness meetup-u, imaćemo po prvi put panel dikusiju! Glavna tema panela će biti Karijera u Customer Happiness-u i imaćemo priliku da čujemo mišljenja domaćih stručnjaka. Da li je moguće napraviti karijeru u sferi Customer Happiness-a? Kakva je trenutna situacija po ovom pitanju u našoj zemlji? Vidimo se 20. decembra u Privrednoj komori Beograda da saznamo šta o tome imaju da kažu: Jovan Šikanja Jovan brine o … Continue reading Panel diskusija – Karijera u Customer Happiness-u!

Building the Experience: for Customers and for Yourself

Nobel Coaching – a US-based, fully virtual company with talent sources from all over the world – is looking for people-oriented Advisers (Customer Care representatives). Nobel Coaching helps individuals and families to succeed through our online coaching and educational service. For individuals and families, we provide Coaching to unlock motivation and achieve personal goals. For families, we combine Coaching with Tutoring to accelerate learning while … Continue reading Building the Experience: for Customers and for Yourself


We’ve been quiet since the last meetup but only because we were planning something big! I’ve been organizing the meetups for more than a year and it was a fun ride. I’ve had lots of help from my friends and our sponsors and it was a great experience. However, at one point I realized that, if Customer Happiness community and meetups are ever going to … Continue reading Announcement

How to Deal With Your Clients

Let’s make it clear who is an angel and who is a demon. Angels are loyal customers with reasonable questions and requests. If we are talking about demons there are few types with one trait in common – all of them will try to use and abuse your company as much as possible only if you let them. If you are a part of customer support … Continue reading How to Deal With Your Clients

Call For Authors

Do you think Customer Happiness is an important aspect of every business? Would you like to share your experience on this subject with the rest of the web? Become an author and share your thoughts on Customer Happiness! How Can I Become an Author? It’s simple! Just register at our website and afterward, send me an email to with the subject CH Belgrade Author and a brief … Continue reading Call For Authors