From the moment a customer enters your store, starts using your product or arrives at your website, a relationship is created. And it is up to you to nourish that relationship.

Customer Happiness

Every business provides support in a certain way. If it’s a restaurant, it has waiters, if it’s a shoe store, it has sales representatives, if it’s an e-commerce website, it has it’s dedicated customer support representatives.

Providing support isn’t easy and lots of people take it for granted. Apart from having nerves of steel and great communication skills, it also requires a large set of human skills – empathy, patience, compassion, willingness to help and many more.

Customer Support team is the first line of defense and the impression customers get of your company, will largely depend on the way they were treated by this team. Customer Support directly affects sales and retention, in many cases, more than any marketing team you could possibly acquire. And the task CS representatives have (in any company in the world) is always the same and very simple – keep customers happy.

Having realized this simple fact, your CS team no longer becomes a necessary evil but the backbone of your entire business. And this is how Customer Support becomes Customer Happiness.

Our Goal

With all these pieces of information in our minds, we are determined to spread the word about Customer Happiness. Links, articles, books, meetups and large conferences are our tools of choice – Customer Happiness is our main subject.