We’ve been quiet since the last meetup but only because we were planning something big!

I’ve been organizing the meetups for more than a year and it was a fun ride. I’ve had lots of help from my friends and our sponsors and it was a great experience. However, at one point I realized that, if Customer Happiness community and meetups are ever going to get to the next level, a change needs to be made. Therefore, after lots of contemplation and discussions, I think that the best way to improve Customer Happiness is to open it up publicly so that people can contribute and help with the organization.

The thing is, everyone was always able to do this and help the organization and community, but without publicly announcing this, it might have gone under the radar.

I only have one priority regarding this group and I really want it to remain as such in the future – Customer Happiness needs to be recognized, taught, and used and it should become an appreciated profession.

I consulted with a couple of people who helped this meetup going all this time and most of them agreed to become a part of the organizing team. I’ll reach out to a couple of more people in hope to gather a strong base of 10 organizers!

Anyone interested in contributing and helping us spread the word about Customer Happiness, growing our community, and organizing the meetups and online content, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can find us on Slack, Facebook, you can send an email to the contact form, or you can message me inside the Meetup group. We’ll be glad to have you!

The next items on our agenda are:

  • Start publishing posts on a regular basis
  • Organize the next meetup in December
  • Create different sponsorship packages

We’ll reach out again soon to announce the exact date of the next meetup. Stay tuned!

Cheers 🙂

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