Third Talk – Customer Happiness for Community Building by Pavle Krivokuća

Pavle KrivokućaThe third and final talk on July 14th will be held by Pavle Krivokuća, one of Impact Hub Belgrade Makers and Chief of operations holds 8 years of experience in business development, project & event management, and leadership development. As a certified international trainer and facilitator, he has delivered over 260 hours of content and produced over 220 events. He is a co-founder of 2 non-government organizations, 2 startups, and one movement and is an active member or alumni of 8 international organizations. Throughout these years he has led over 180 people directly as well as 530+ people indirectly. He is a license holder for “Incitement” Serbia, international motivational platform present in 30+ countries. He strongly believes in following your own WHY and the potential of aligning it with all aspects of your life!

Customer Happiness for Community Building

Impact Hub Belgrade is a part of a global network(community) of 86+ Impact Hub’s around the world with some 15000+ change making members worldwide. With more than 500k people using the services annually customer happiness for Impact Hub is very important. Having such diverse operations with grass root growth Impact Hub is mainly focused on building a community. The community of change makers, impact entrepreneurs and sustainable work overall. As it is an organic and community-driven voice and needs are very important. In his presentation, Pavle will cover their process of member attraction, engagement, and retention through the usage of both online and offline tools and resources.

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