If You Can Make a Difference, Don’t Hesitate

I like to tell it how it is. Fire people, don’t “downsize” or “rightsize” them. Divorce your spouse, don’t “pivot romantically”. We’re so used to repackaging the truth, that it’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

Customer Happiness is one such term. When I first heard it, it translated into “mind-numbing customer support position, where you lie to your clients, and they in turn verbally abuse you while you’re forced to keep a poker face.” It’s a cheap way to trick people into applying, and existing employees to stick around longer.

Dilbert job titles

In 90% of the cases, I’d be right. But there are a glorious few, for which this term actually stands for something.

Go above and beyond. Genuinely care about your customer. Help them, and feel good about what you do. I’ve been in the support trenches, and I know the big difference between being technical support member and being a part of a Customer Happiness team – it’s pretty much the difference between a Zergling and a Protoss Zealot.

So when Davor decided to kick off the Customer Happiness meetup project as the Head of ManageWP Customer Happiness, we backed him 100%.

Companies need to understand that the support agents are often the ones that leave the first impression with the customer; that first impression is critical in this brave new world where paid advertising is becoming more and more ineffective, and word of mouth becomes the king.

Devana Technologies has provided the venue for the first Customer Happiness meetup, and our team members held talks on the previous meetups. Although Davor left Devana, we will continue to support this great project, and hopefully, together we’ll organize the first European Customer Happiness conference.

Until then, see you at the meetups!

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