Dealing With Your Clients by Aleksandar Savkovic

3rd chbelgrade meetup

After a short break from the 2nd Customer Happiness meetup, we are ready to continue with our chbelgrade story! The 3rd meetup will occur on November 6th at 18:00. Once again, BIG thanks to Privredna Komora Beograd and Ana Milicevic for providing the venue for the meetup! 🙂

You can confirm your arrival or join our Customer Happiness meetup group at:

Customer Happiness Management Meetup, Beograd

Belgrade, RS
415 Support Ninjas

Customer Service is not a necessary evil, it’s the backbone of every business. Let’s gather and share our Customer Service experiences. Everyone who worked, works or wants to …

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First Talk

Aleksandar SavkovicAleksandar Savkovic will be our first speaker! He started as a Freelancer in IT industry. First computer 48k, second computer 64k, what a progress!!! Lecturer at BEST 2015 summer course web development using WordPress with an average 26 students score of 96/100. Blogger when there is something interesting to write about.

Father, Son, Colleague, Friend 🙂 WordPress enthusiast and Customer Happiness Engineer at Devana Technologies. Always in a good mood with a big smile on his face. His quote: “I failed, I tried, I was wrong, I learned something, then I realized I have no fear, I can move the world.

In his article How to Deal With Your Clients he wrote about angel and demon customers. He intends to extend that article even further and cover everything you need to know about angel and demon customers.

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