How to Deal With Your Clients


Let’s make it clear who is an angel and who is a demon.

Angels are loyal customers with reasonable questions and requests.

If we are talking about demons there are few types with one trait in common – all of them will try to use and abuse your company as much as possible only if you let them.How to deal with your customers

If you are a part of customer support team at your company, this scenario is something that you are probably occasionally experiencing.

You have received a message from an angel, be aware that there is some real issue if angel looks for help. Don’t hesitate to investigate the cause of the issue, because the feedback from angels improves your product. Angels are always honest and even eager to assist you in resolving the specific issue as much as they are able to. They will kindly provide you with all the information you need in order to investigate and resolve the issue that they are experiencing. By resolving the problem, you will improve your product and it will be more reliable. Also, people’s confidence in your product will grow and your happy customers will speak only the best.

There is also the other scenario and this one is more likely to happen.

You are starting the shift fresh and eager to help and assist your customers, but the first e-mail came from a demon customer. Usually it’s a costumer familiar to most of your colleagues and no one likes to start a shift with him/her.

Of course you’ve been told to be polite and pleasant and you are, but they will try to push you over the edge every time. When you have a known demon customer to deal with, my advice is to consult your superior on your next steps, because if they are not satisfied with your answer, expect a false complain on your attitude to your superior.

Customer Happiness

Most of them are complaining and wasting your time just to gain some benefits, and for the most of them it’s a repetitive modus which you could track if you are able to check their previous messages sent to your department.

Costs that those costumers are producing are much bigger than their value so you are in a bad position if it’s on you to decide what to do.

If it’s a measurable service that your demon customer is paying for, you could check if he is right or not and according to those results you could grant him a discount or refund, otherwise you could provide a proof that your company is right. Even after the proof is provided, they will persist in contention that they are right and you are paid to serve them.

Your job is to protect the interest of your company and to participate in company’s growth and you will fail in that task if you allow the demon customer to win. Be polite, be pleasant, but draw the line when it’s needed and stand your ground. It’s on you to think carefully and not to insult customer but also not to harm your company.

The other kinds are those who think that you are working for them just because they are paying for some sort of service to your company. Your job is to assist them and to educate them through the messages. Sometimes when you don’t have enough time to walk your customer through some process it’s faster to finish the job for them and send them an answer with step by step explanation on how it should be done. It would be great to also include screenshots and useful links in the message.


If you miss to send an answer with explanation included you should expect the same customer again with the same issue, assured that you will do the same thing again for him and that it’s your obligation to work for him. Please note again that you are working for the company that pays you every month.

Some of them will even double-cross you by giving the five stars rating to the conversation they had with you, just to gain your trust in order to use you again for free. The only cost for the customer is one click and the benefit is free employee for him.

Demon customers will try to go around you by opening new ticket to customer support with belief that someone else from your team will meet their requirements. If you assume that this scenario is possible, my suggestion is to alert your colleagues and update them with information about the demon.

If you are wise enough to make difference between angels and demons you are a good part of the team – prevent demons to affect your mood and to call into question your integrity and knowledge.

Customer Happiness

In a perfect competition world, it’s crucial to reduce churn and increase conversion. You are under constant pressure to preserve customers and to attract and engage new, but at the moment when demon customers cost too much it’s better to let them go then to lose time and money. If a company depends on a few customers, that kind of company shouldn’t exist.

You could easily earn respect from your customers with an empathy, integrity and knowledge.

Believe in the product that you are presenting and supporting and never let any costumers make you think that your product is crap.

Your job is to educate, help, assist but the crucial part is to understand the customer and to be wise enough to make difference between ANGELS AND DEMONS.

People will never forget how you made them feel.

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