Screw What Your Customer Thinks by Nemanja Aleksic

The second talk at our Customer Happiness meetup in September will be held by Nemanja Aleksic, Growth Engineer at Devana Technologies.

Nemanja Aleksic

Growing up as a geek surrounded by computers and other geeks helped him understand the interaction between humans and machines and how it can be improved.  This skill is currently being put to use in Devana Technologies, where he works as an analyst and growth researcher.

Father, husband, blokemon. Started messing with computers back when dinosaurs roamed the land. Curious and stubborn, stops pucks, polar bears, and poor business decisions. Find him on his blog and twitter account.

Screw What Your Customer Thinks

The customer is always right is one of the most misunderstood sayings. We’ll explore all the reasons your customer is not to be trusted, and how to communicate with the client in a way that’s not insulting anyone’s intelligence.

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